The Frustrated Moments during Dissertations

Frustrated Dissertation Moments
Dissertation writing process is long itself but sometime it becomes longest and frustrated because of different reasons. It can be tricky attitude of your supervisor assigned by your department for dissertation writing process. Another reason is laziness or over-consciousness of student to complete his dissertation to complete within given time. The biggest and true reason is that mostly students are writing their dissertation first time and they feel it difficult to write it professionally. That is why this article addresses, stages of dissertation writing process those become the frustrated moment for a new research student. Below are the some of them;

Choosing Topic: As a student is new with research so it becomes difficult for him to choose a topic for research or differentiate it from other class project topics. Choosing a topic for research requires different things must to be consider like reality, uniqueness accessibility of unit of research and most importantly a sub topic of your previous field of academia. Sometime dissertation writing services can be more helpful. That is why it becomes the most frustrated moment to choose a topic for research.

Writing Research Proposal and Defending Your Chosen Topic: When a student has chosen a topic that he thinks fulfils all requirements to select that then writing a proposal to defend his topic in front of supervisory committee. It requires logics and references of previous researches to define the significance of selected topic. It means defining the purpose behind choosing that topic, research question and significance of your study.

Gathering the Most Appropriate Information for Dissertation Content as Reference of Previous Researches: Gathering information is another important step of dissertation writing process that is being done as prior research or during writing. It requires a lot of search and study but the most frustrating thing is finding the most appropriate quotation from authentic sources to quote in content to support the topic or result of your study. For prior study it helps to understand research process and your selected topic but it can also detract student’ from his planned path for research.

Defining Scales of Study: It is really an important thing while conducting research because it is going to give you answers for your developed hypothesis and research questions. It not only requires a conscious behaviour while defining scales but also authenticity of sources to quote as a reference. If your scales are not appropriate for your study then it can be a reason to restart the whole process of dissertation.

Getting Approval of Final Copy from Supervisor after Final Viva or Presentation: When a student is done with this long process with a lot of research hard work and effort, he requires presenting it in front of supervisory committee. This is required to get approval of work that is that being done with required effort or not. And this thing really becomes a frustration for a student to answer numerous questions front different professionals to get approval of his efforts. It becomes discouraging for a student to answer even irrelevant questions those are sometime being asked.

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