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An outline provides a general plan of anything which shows the essential features of that thing without any explanation. In the similar way, if we want to make an outline of our thesis, then we should try to write the most important points of the topic in the form of headings and sub-headings. We can also say that an outline of a thesis is a formal system that is used to think and organize the thesis. With the help of an outline, you can connect your ideas for the thesis and you can also find the sufficient evidences to prove these ideas. A PhD thesis template should consist of the following things;
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Chapter 1: The introduction

The basic aim of an introductory chapter is to introduce the research problem or research question of the thesis. The outline of the introductory chapter is given below;

a) First of all, provide the general description of the areas of concern.

b) In the second, you should write the significance of the problem. You should try to provide the significance of the problem in a concise way. In other words, we can say that this part of the introduction should not be so long but it should be powerful.

c) You should also try to take an analysis of the theoretical basis of the study.

d) To provide the problem statement in the introduction is also necessary for you.

e) Make sure that you have written all the research questions and hypothesis in the introduction.

These are the main points that are necessary to write in the introductory chapter of the thesis and these main points make the outline of the introductory chapter.

Chapter 2: Literature review

The literature review is an important chapter of the thesis. In the literature review of a thesis, we provide a comparison of the already published research with our research. The outline of the literature review chapter of the thesis is given below;

a) Provide a historical background of the topic. You should provide a background of all the relevant variables related to the topic of the thesis.

b) Make a list of all the research questions related to the topic of your thesis and then find the theory that is related to the research questions.

c) You should try to know the weakness and the strength of the research methodologies in the previous research and never forget to write this thing in the literature review.

d) It is also necessary for you to make an outline of all the main points of literature review and try to collect data by following this outline.

Chapter 3: Method

The research methodology is the most important chapter of the thesis. Its reason is that with the help research methodology, we will be able to collect the data for our thesis. There are two basic types of research methodologies and we should try to select one of them. The outline of the research methodology chapter is given below;

a) First of all, you should provide the enough detail about the topic.

b) The method of the sample selection should also be explained in detail.

c) You should provide a complete detail about the measurements

d) Make sure you have provided the research design in the research methodology chapter of the thesis

e) The procedures that are adopted to collect the data should also be explained here

f) Never forget to provide the data analysis in the thesis

Chapter 4: Results

You should provide all the results and findings of the thesis in this chapter. This chapter is very important to increase the interest of the audience towards your thesis. The outline of the results chapter of the thesis is given below;

a) Provide the descriptive statistics to conduct the results

b) Provide the statistical analysis to answer the research questions

c) All the data should be organized in the form of tables and figures

Chapter 5: Discussion

In the discussion, it is necessary for a student to describe the research questions and other main points of the thesis in detail. The outline of the discussion chapter of the thesis is given below;

a) Write a summary of the results

b) Write all the main points of the thesis in the form of the conclusion

c) It is also necessary for you to provide the limitations of your study in the discussion

d) There should be some recommendations for the future work in the discussion chapter of the thesis

If you are feeling difficulties in writing your PhD thesis, then this template will serve as a base however, you need proper research work, writing skills, data analysis techniques as well as a deep understanding of your research idea to write a good PhD thesis. PhD thesis writing services are offering services of top writers from UK who are expert in writing a PhD thesis and can offer assistance from writing introductions to conclusion as well as editing and proofreading help.

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