What Technologies Does NASA Use To Explore Mars?

Explore Mars
NASA is known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is an agency of the US whose main aim is to explore the space. NASA was introduced in 1958 and its aim was to explore the US research. Nowadays, NASA is exploring the space in various ways and it has several headquarters all around the world. There are almost 17,336 employees are working for NASA. NASA is trying to explore Mars and this agency has found some signs of life on Mars. Here, experts of dissertation editing services will discuss the technologies that NASA is using to explore Mars.

Spacecraft and rowers: NASA started the exploration of Mars in 1995. For this reason, they sent spacecraft and rowers on Mars. These spacecraft and rowers have enough power to fly in the outer space. These are usually used for communication and navigation purposes. There were two aims of sending spacecraft and rowers on Mars. First, the NASA team wanted to get an idea about the availability of water on Mars. Secondly, the NASA teams wanted to get an idea about the habitability of Mars.

Propulsion technology: A source of mechanical power is known as a propulsion system. With the help of this technological system, we can provide power to the engines and other motor sources. As we know that in order to send the spacecraft on Mars, there require power and this power is provided with the help of propulsion technology. Moreover, this propulsion technology has enough ability to spaceflight a scaled version. For this reason, we can also use some critical subsystems in propulsion technology.

Solar power technology: As we have discussed earlier that along with spacecraft, rowers are also sent on Mars. In these rowers, the motors of Delta 3 vehicles are used. Its reason is that these motors have more power than other motors. These rovers are solar powered. In order to provide them with solar power, the NASA team designed these rovers in an effective way. For this purpose, they are using lithium batteries. In order to recharge these batteries, they are getting energy from the solar cells. These solar cells are attached to their wings. It is also easy for the NASA team to exchange the data among the rowers. Moreover, these rowers are also connected to the Earth with the help of UHF antennas. Therefore, these rowers can also send their information on the Earth.

X-band communication system: The frequency ranges in the X-band communication systems are from 7.25 GHz to 7.75 GHz. These communication systems are also operated in the SHF spectrums. In order to get information from these spacecraft and rowers, the NASA team is using X-band communication system. With the help of this kind of faster communication system, they can easily get data from the spacecraft and rowers just within seconds. Moreover, the NASA team is also using the avionics system in order to operate their spacecraft and rowers.

These rovers and spacecraft have also enough abilities to manure safely even under the conditions of lower temperature.

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