The Concept of Growth Mindset And Paper Challenge

The theory of growth mindset is developed by Dr Carol Dwech. The main phenomenon behind this theory is that you can easily improve your ability, intelligence and performance with the help of some essential techniques. If we are asking anyone to adopt a growth mindset, it means that we are asking him to study more effectively and attentively. Some essential advantages of the growth mindset are that we can get a better mindset and we can persist for longer times. Experts of buy dissertation online have shared lots of tips to develop a growth mindset. Here, we will discuss some essential tips to develop a growth mindset.

1) Acknowledge and embrace your imperfectness

It is a fact that almost all people have some kind of weaknesses. If we are hiding our weaknesses, it is almost impossible for us to overcome these weaknesses. Therefore, the only way to overcome our weaknesses and to develop the concept of growth mindset, it is necessary for us to acknowledge and embrace our imperfectness. 

2) View challenges as opportunities

The people who are not able to accept challenges in their life are not able to learn something new. Therefore, if you want to get success in your life, you should try to view these challenges as opportunities. Moreover, you should also try to spend all of your energies to achieve your aims. 

3) Try different learning tactics

There are lots of students who are trying to learn something new by adopting conventional learning methods. These conventional learning methods are not helpful for some students. Therefore, instead of relying on these conventional learning methods, they should try to learn by adopting different learning techniques. Some essential learning techniques that are helpful for us to develop the concept of growth mindset are trying to adopt the spaced practise, to adopt retrieval practice, to elaborate and describe the ideas and to switch between ideas while you are studying.

4) Replace the word ‘Failing’ with ‘Learning’

While achieving your aims, sometimes, there is a possibility that you are failed and it seems that it is almost impossible for you to achieve these aims. Under such a situation, you should not think that you are failed. Instead of you should try to learn a lesson from it. After learning the lesson, you will find it easy to overcome these difficulties in the future. 

5) Cultivate a sense of purpose

Dweck has researched about this concept. According to the results of this research, if you want to achieve your aims in your life, it is necessary for you to keep the big picture in your mind. In other words, you should try to cultivate a sense of purpose in your mind. Due to the lack of sense of purpose, you will not be able to argue yourself for doing anything. 

6) Celebrate growth with others

After achieving any aim in your life, you should try to share your celebrations with other people. After sharing your celebrations with other people, you will get appreciations from them. This appreciation will also argue you to do something more in your life. As a result, you will be able to work diligently. 

7) Provide regular opportunities for reflection

No doubt, when you are going to adopt the concept of growth mindset, you will have to adopt some new techniques. There are some techniques that are suitable for your personality and there are also some techniques that are not suitable for your personality. Therefore, you should try to reflect your learning techniques on a daily basis. This reflection will provide you with an idea either you are following the right track or not. 

8) Cultivate grit

The students who want to perform some tasks by adopting some extra bit of determination require approval from themselves rather than others. Its reason is that they have to perform all the tasks by themselves. Therefore, there is no need to get approval from others. For example, after getting approval from others, if a student is not determined to perform specific tasks, no one can force them to show determination for these tasks. 

9) Learn from other people’s mistakes

During our life, we see lots of people who are failing in different areas of life. We should take an overview of their failures and try to learn a lesson from their failures. 

10) Take risks in the company of others

There is no need to save face in the company of others. Its reason is that if you try to save face in the company of others, you will not be able to face hardships in your life. Therefore, you should try to take risks in the company of others. 

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