Monday, August 31, 2020

How to Increase Literacy Rate in Any Country

Increase Literacy Rate
Despite the worldwide efforts to increase the literacy rate world over, satisfactory results are yet to be achieved. Third world counties are still struggling to enhance their literacy rate as the majority of the population is unable to send their children to school. Most of the children belonging to the lower class have to work just because they cannot make both ends meet. Even though there have been leading improvements in the academic sector, yet the challenge is still there. Research by a dissertation writing services firm shows that lack of understanding and education, as well as several misconceptions and fallacies, have prevented many children from going to school and get the learning that is their right.

For any country to move towards the future and develop the right way, educating its population is the most significant task. All youth and a substantial portion of adults, both men, and women must achieve literacy as this is the only way to succeed, according to experts. Statistics show that more than 750 million people over the age of 15 lack fundamental reading and writing skills that is shocking considering the increase of social media and increased usage of mobile phones.

It is essential for developing counties to take the matter of literacy seriously and make sure they work hard to increase the literacy rate in their region. It is because only educating the masses and giving them a chance to learn can help them succeed and move forward in the world. Without improving the literacy rate, no country can expect to develop its economy and overcome crime, poverty, health issues, employment issues most efficiently. This article discusses the most crucial steps that can help governments increase the literacy rate and give their population a chance to learn and move forward with the developments taking place in the world.

Focus On Adult Learning:
Adult learning is as important as teaching the younger generation. It is because only teaching the next generation is now enough; we also need to teach and guide the adults so that they can also play their part in the society and help to increase the literacy rate. There are so many things that only adults can do, and, with the right teaching and guidance, they can do much better and educate their children that will improve the overall literacy rate and play a primary role in the development of society.

Teach In The Native Language:
Teaching in some foreign language will not do the job; it is necessary to educate the people in their native language so that they can contribute towards the development and process of their society and country. In many developing countries, students are taught English, French, or Spanish at an early age, but this will not work in third world countries where children do not even have access to elementary education. It is when they learn to write and read in their native language that they will develop an interest in education and will be able to understand what they are being taught and how it will help them move forward.

Develop An Interest In Learning:
Only handing over the books is not enough, literacy rate can only be improved when students will develop an interest in learning, and they will make efforts to do better. It is the responsibility of the government as well as other organizations to promote education to foster the love of reading among children. It will give them a chance to increase their knowledge as they will know more, their thirst to know more will grow, giving rise to an educated and enlightened society. No country can develop and increase its literacy rate unless its citizens do not want to read and know more about things.

Introduce Careful Use Of Technology:
Technology is the principal source of learning these days; schools, colleges, and universities make use of technology to help students learn and develop a better understanding of things. With technology, governments can help the masses learn well and develop an interest in many fields that will benefit them in the long run. However, it is also important to introduce technology in a smarter manner that does not sidetrack them as too much exposure to technology can also harm the literacy rate. It is up to the educators to offer the right resources that guide students in the right direction and keeps them motivated in learning. With a little focus and coordination, countries can look forward to increasing their literacy rate within a few years and foresee the development of an educated and cultured society.

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