Exploring Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing

Practice In Nursing
Nursing is the name of a profession that provides care for the sick and infirm. There are a lot of practices in nursing but evidence-based practice is the most important one. The main purpose of a nurse is to work for the improvement of the care and outcomes of the patients. All the techniques that are devised for the improvement of the care and outcomes of the patients come into evidence-based practice nursing. According to research, if a nurse adopts the evidence-based practice while taking care of patients, then it means that the outcomes of the patients will be improved. If you are not able to write an academic paper about evidence-based practice in nursing, then you can get help from experts in coursework writing services. Some essential tips to explore evidence-based practice in nursing are given below;

1) Focus On Four Key Elements

There are four key elements that are necessary to keep in mind while evaluating evidence-based practice in nursing. The first element is known as validity. Validity means that there should be accuracy and legitimacy in all the aspects of the study. The second element is known as reliability. Reliability means that there should be a consistency between the measurement results. The third element is known as relevance. Relevance means that there should be a logical connection between the ideas that are used to taking care of the patients. At last, there come outcomes. The outcomes mean that all the conclusions should be drawn through a proper method of research.

2) Infection Control

It is a fact that a patient is admitted to a hospital only when his/her infection is out of control. The nurses can play an important role for the purpose of controlling the infection of the patients. For this reason, the nurses should try to adopt evidence-based infection control policies. In these policies, there comes the cleanliness of the hospital, personal protective clothes of the nurses, and the best practices regarding the hand washing.

3) Oxygen Use In Patients With COPD

As we know that there are some patients who require Oxygen with COPD. For the safety and health of these patients, the nurses can also adopt some evidence-based practice while providing Oxygen with COPD. Its reason is that if the nurses don’t adopt these techniques while giving Oxygen to the patients, then this thing can create some serious issues. In these issues, there come hypercarbia, and acidosis etc. By adopting these evidence-based practices while providing Oxygen to the patients, the patients can also cure the patients of hypoxia and organ failure.

4) Measuring Blood Pressure Noninvasively In Patients

It is also an unavoidable thing for the nurses to adopt some evidence-based nursing techniques while measuring the blood pressure of the patients. Its reason is that these evidence-based nursing techniques provide accurate measurements of the blood pressure and these accurate measurements are considered an essential part of the effective treatment. According to these evidence-based practices, there are two different methods to measure the blood pressure of the children and adults. In order to measure the blood pressure of the children, the auscultatory method is used and in order to measure the blood pressure of the adults, the oscillometric method is used.


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